Popular Posts Widget For Blogger With Thumbnails: Royal Style

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popular posts widget with thumbnails
Here is a new set of CSS commands for styling Blogger's Popular Posts widget. In order to add the Popular Posts widget, go to your Blog's Dashboard and navigate to Layout. Click Add a Gadget and select Popular Posts. Un-tick 'Snippets' and select the number of posts you want to display from the drop down list. After saving the gadget, go back to your Blog's Dashboard and navigate to Template --> Customise --> Advanced --> Add CSS. Copy-paste the below code and click Apply to Blog. That's all!

Awesome Blog List Gadget For Blogger

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The Blog List gadget displays a list of your favorite blogs or websites. Here is a tutorial to create a beautiful blog list gadget for your blog. You may use any background except white. Before proceeding to the code, please read How to Import Google Fonts to Your Blog: In this example, I have used the cursive font Tangerine. This is an HTML gadget and adding this to your blog is a very simple task. From your Blog's Dashboard navigate to Layout and select Add a Gadget. Select HTML/JavaScript and copy-paste the below code:

blog list gadget

Social Media Link List Gadget For Blogger

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We have already seen how to create a colorful sticky social media bar for Blogger. Here is a social media Link List gadget for your blog. This is an HTML gadget and will work perfectly with Awesome Blogger template. See the below screenshot. Adding this widget to your blog is a simple task. From your Blog's Dashboard, navigate to Layout and select Add a Gadget. Select HTML/JavaScript and copy-paste one of the below codes:

social media link list

Internal Revolts among the Mughals: Revolt of Prince Akbar

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"Certainly, the guide and teacher of my rebellion is you; others are merely following your footsteps. How can the path which you himself chose to follow be called "the path of ill-luck?

My father sold Paradise for two grains of wheat, 
Am I an unworthy son for selling it for one barleycorn?

Former emperors like Akbar had contracted alliance and kinship with this race and conquered the realm of Hindustan with their help. By the help of these people the great Mahabat Khan made a prisoner of King Jahangir, and chastised his enemies. Jaswant was the man who in the battle against Shah Shuja (Battle of Khajwa) was guilty of such a defect that he merited to be rigorously punished instead of being pardoned. Yet your Majesty passed this over because you not only knew the man, but feared him. The same Jaswant it was whom you won over with many charms and soft speeches and detached from the side of Dara Shukoh, so that victory fell to your side....Now is the proper time for you to lay in provisions for the next life, in order to atone for your former deeds, done out of greed for this transitory world against your august father and noble brothers in the days of your youth.

What good did you do to your father, That you expect all these from your son?
You are not curing yourself, Then, for once, give up counseling others!"

My New Job In A Mobile Service Center

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Recently I got job as a receptionist in a mobile service center. It is an authorized service center for some six brands: Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Lenovo, Panasonic, Xolo. My job is that, when a customer comes up with a complaint, take it to the engineers for technical verification. The engineers at first try to fix the issue with currently available resources, but most of the time, the issues might be causing due to defective parts. The defective part will be replaced within a particular time frame. The delay time depends on each brand; that can vary from seven to fifteen working days. For some brands, we should sent the phones to the head office for detailed checking. Obviously, customers feel very uncomfortable when we inform this; unfortunately they don't have any other options (Only few brands have the option to provide spare phones to the customers). I have not personally used any of the above brands, however, I feel that Lenovo's service procedure is better than others. For Lenovo, it is not necessary to keep the phones with the service center. My job also includes delivering repaired phones to the customer.