Mughal Romance: Lal Kunwar and Jahandar Shah

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In 1712, after the death of Emperor Shah Alam Bahadur Shah (son and successor of Aurangzeb), followed the War for Succession among his sons, as before; and this time the four Princes were Jahandar Shah, Azim-ush-shan, Rafi-ush-shan and Jahan Shah. Jahandar Shah, eldest son of Shah Alam Bahadur, came out to be successful with strong support of the Amir-ul-umara Zulfiqar Khan. On 29 March, 1712, when Jahandar Shah ascended the throne of Hindustan, he was fifty-two years old. Zulfiqar Khan was made his Wazir.

Muizz-ud-din Muhammad Jahandar Shah (1712-1713), eighth Emperor of the Mughal dynasty and thirteenth in descent from Amir Timur, was a weak and pleasure-loving king, who neglected the State affairs, and spent most of his time in merrymaking. It was a golden time for musicians, singers and dancers.

Internal Revolts among the Mughals: Revolt of Shah Jahan

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Sher Afgan (tiger-throwing) was the title given to Ali Quli Beg Istajlu by Prince Salim (later Jahangir) for his excellent service in an expedition against the Rana. He was one of the nobles who had sided with Akbar during Jahangir's rebellion. When Jahangir finally ascended the throne, he pardoned Ali Quli, and was made a Jagirdar of Bardwan in Bengal. During the second year of Jahangir's reign (1607), Sher Afgan was ordered to come to the court as he showed the signs of rebellion by siding with the Afghan rebels. Since he refused to obey, Jahangir sent Qutb-ud-din, (his foster brother and governor of Bengal) to Bardwan, to bring Sher Afgan to court. In the following encounter, Qutb was fatally wounded and Sher Afgan was killed instantly by Qutub's men. Qutb-ud-din, who was fatally wounded, died later in the night. This caused much grief to Jahangir.

How Can You Style the Blog Archive Widget With Scrollbar

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Scrollable Blog Archive widget by Anjana
The Blog Archive widget is one of Blogger's official widgets. The only problem with the default Blog Archive widget is that it will take up a large space when you have many number of posts on your blog. Here comes the need of a scrollable Blog Archive widget. Pure CSS is used to style this widget. Here I have used the Flat-List style.
Step 1: Adding the Blog Archive Widget to Your Blog

Go to your Blog's Dashboard --> Layout--> Add a Gadget and select Blog Archive from the list.

Having Trouble Verifying Your Blogger Blog on Pinterest?

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Have you got any error messages while verifying your Blogger blog on Pinterest?

I use Pinterest to bookmark, store and share my favorite images online. Some days ago, I tried to verify the ownership of my blog on Pinterest. Here are the steps I tried:

From your Pinterest page, click on Edit profile --> Website --> Verify Website.
In the next window, you will see the meta tag, which look like
<meta name="p:domain_verify" content="d567c3gga.."/>.
Open another tab/window on your browser and go to your Blog's Dashboard.
Navigate to Template and make sure to take a back up of your template.
Now click Edit HTML and press Ctrl +F to search for <head>.
Copy the meta tag and paste it under the <head> tag and save your template.
Now back to your Pinterest page and click on Complete Verification.

Beautiful Accordion Menu Widget For Blogger

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Accordion is a musical instrument which can be played by compressing or expanding a hand-held bellows. Likewise, the Accordion interface is a stacked list of items in which each item can be expanded and collapsed.

jquery accordion menu widget

Here I'm presenting you the code for creating a pretty Accordion widget for your Blog. First you need to make sure that Jquery is added to your template.